Our Team

Hamish Lowe - Principal environmental scientist

Hamish has specialised skills and considerable experience in managing and undertaking natural resource and infrastructure investigations. This revolves around sustainable land management, wastewater planning, community infrastructure, asset management and farm production systems. He is nationally recognised for his expertise in land treatment of waste material and nutrient management.

In recent years Hamish's expertise has been called on to assist with project management and strategic direction of land development and major resource consent processes, where he is able to co-ordinate a range of varying technical expertise. His skill set assists when acting in a Hearing Commissioner capacity.

Rob Potts - Senior environmental engineer

Rob has significant specialist skills in natural treatment systems for both wastewater and stormwater. He has national recognition in the land treatment of wastes, both liquid and solid. This comes from a solid background in irrigation design, soil physics and nutrient management.

Rob’s considerable experience often sees him in the role of managing large infrastructure development projects or acting as a Hearing Commissioner.

Brian Ellwood

Brian Ellwood - Senior environmental engineer

Brian has specialist irrigation and infrastructure development experience overseeing the investigation of large scale energy and irrigation projects including: management of large multidisciplinary teams, review and approval of technical reports, environmental management systems, strategic advice, funding applications, expert evidence, and management of stakeholders, communications and contracts and negotiating agreements.
Brian comes from a farming background with a sound knowledge of modern farming systems, so along with his Environmental Engineering training and engineering management skills, Brian has considerable experience in advising on nutrient management issues, including at Land and Water Forum working groups, resource consent hearings, Environment Court mediations and plan change hearings.

Katie Beecroft - Senior environmental scientist

Katie has a Master of Science (Hons.) in Earth Science from University of Waikato. She has a multidisciplinary background spanning geology, volcanology, hydrogeology, soil science, soil chemistry, and geochemistry. Katie's primary work background and interests are in the application of soil science to issues of land management. This includes: land treatment of liquid and solid waste; Soil improvement by ameliorative additions; Contaminated site assessment, management and remediation; and Nutrient management in dairying catchments.


Sam Morris - Environmental scientist

Sam has a Bachelor of Science with a major in Environmental Science and a minor in Geography from Massey University. Here he developed a strong interest in the environment, particularly relating to land use and farm management, gaining skills using Overseer. Sam also has experience working with GIS, having completed a Massey University Student Summer Scholarship project investigating how thresholds for rainfall triggered landslides change in response to large earthquake events, particularly the 2016 Kaikoura Earthquake. During his spare time, Sam enjoys playing football, following sport and tramping in the ‘great outdoors


Philip Lake - Environmental scientist

Phil has a Bachelor of Science in Chemistry, and a Bachelor of Science (Hons) in Geochemistry from Victoria University. He has expertise in sampling and environmental assessments of stormwater and wastewater and industrial air discharges; preparing and reviewing resource consent applications, air discharge modelling, and undertaking contaminated sites investigations.

Eise Venter - Environmental scientist

Eise has a Bachelor of Environmental Science from the Tshwane University of Technology in Pretoria, South Africa. He specialises in environmental monitoring and has 11 years consulting experience, primarily in the mining and industrial sectors, where he specialised in water and ambient dustfall monitoring. Eise’s keys skills include undertaking fieldwork, data analyses, technical report writing as well as project management. In his spare time, Eise enjoys reading, woodworking, touch rugby, tramping and spending time in the great outdoors.

Bonnie Kaldor - Environmental scientist

Jimena Rodriguez - Environmental scientist

Brittany Paton- Environmental scientist

Britt has a Bachelor of Agricultural Science (Hons) from Lincoln University. Her background is in soil science and nutrient management, including interest in sustainable land management practices. She has a sound knowledge of farming systems and has experience undertaking on-site land and water investigations.
Britt has experience preparing resource consent applications, including consents for farming land use, dairy effluent, irrigation and community wastewater projects.
Britt is an adept user of Overseer, having completed an Advanced Sustainable Nutrient Management Course at Massey University and is proficient working with QGIS mapping systems. In her spare time, Britt plays soccer, ski’s and has horses that she rides competitively.


Jane Petch - Environmental engineer

Jane has a Bachelor of Technology in Environmental Engineering from Massey University. She has a background in environmental engineering and has specialises in resource consent procurement for wastewater and stormwater discharges, irrigation takes, and small community onsite wastewater systems. This work involves data assessment, field investigations, compliance reporting and consent preparation. Jane is a keen runner and cyclist, and enjoys competing in events.

Henry van der Vossen - Environmental engineer

Henry has a Bachelor of Natural Resource Engineering from the University of Canterbury, where he developed a strong interest in water and the environment. He has worked with contaminant transport through soil pathways and investigated the effects of groundwater mounding under wastewater disposal sites. Henry grew up in Raglan, where he enjoys summer on the beach as a surf life guard and spending some time at the race car track.

Amarpreet Hura - Environmental engineer

Amarpreet has a PhD in Natural Resources Engineering from University of Canterbury, Christchurch. Her specialization was in wastewater treatment, where she treated pesticide wastewater by using pilot scale Sequencing Batch Reactor. Preet has a background of both R&D and engineering consulting. She has 3 years of experience covering soil microbiology, GIS, process mapping for wastewater/water treatment plants, data analysis and sampling of groundwater and stormwater. Preet is a keen traveller, and enjoys spending time with her family and playing with her son.


Nadine Hall-Lowe - Administration

Nadine is a key member of the behind the scene team, looking after staff needs and coordinating purchasing and payments.