Irrigation and Water Resource Management

The right amount at the right time!

LEI are specialists at providing irrigation and water management advice from the farm scale to large size community schemes.
Irrigation requirements to deliver cost effective plant growth is the balance between; water supply reliability, climate demands, soils and scheme capacity costs. Water sources all have different levels of reliability and capacity, therefore matching supply reliability, storage capacity and plant seasonal requirements is the key to an effective system.

We look to do the right work at the right time to manage expenditure, risks and timelines.

Specific irrigation expertise provided includes:

  • Water supply options and resource assessments
  • Water demands on and off-farm
  • Environmental risks and opportunities
  • Consenting and expert evidence
  • Nutrient management modelling
  • Farm plan development and audit
  • Strategic development planning and risk management
  • Funding assistance applications
  • Scheme option identification and configuration
  • Hydro power generation assessments and business case development
  • Project management
  • Community consultation and open day
  • Project tendering and contract negotiation

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