Don’t throw the baby out with the bathwater

Wastewater is water that contains wastes from residential, commercial, and industrial processes. Community wastewater may contain sewage, grey water and industrial wastewater. Good wastewater management processes and infrastructure are required to ensure that wastewater is collected, treated, and returned safely to the environment.

Lowe Environmental Impact can assist with the development of sustainable solutions to manage wastewater on a small or large scale; from individual dwellings to reticulated communities. We oversee all aspects from the design and consenting through to the build, installation and commissioning. We’ll work with you from the initial assessment of alternatives through to the implementation of the selected solutions, achieving your goals in a cost effective manner, with consideration given to system design, management, funding and regulatory control.

Find out more about land treatment of municipal and industrial wastewater in our Wastewater brochure

Other wastewater expertise provided includes:

Land treatment of municipal biosolids

Onsite wastewater

Agricultural waste management

  • Combined land and water discharge evaluations
  • Resource consents
  • Management plans
  • Site investigations
  • Option evaluation
  • Hydraulic and nutrient budgets and balances
  • Existing community environmental impact assessments
  • Small community policy development
  • Subdivision wastewater option assessment, investigation, design and consenting
  • Decentralised wastewater design and management
  • Policy development