Project Management & Consenting

Project management and consenting go hand in hand. Good consenting requires sound project management; and sound project management requires diligent consenting.

Our project management expertise focuses on managing, developing and implementing projects typically associated with our expertise; however these skills and thought processes are equally applicable beyond this core set of skills.

The consenting experience of LEI has been accumulated from actually working on a range of projects; many being technically challenging and complex in design, management and consenting. This experience has accumulated working for applicants, submitters and in the capacity as council reporting officers and hearing commissioners.

Exposure to and involvement with challenging consenting projects has allowed a practical and pragmatic approach to getting the job done right 'within the rules'.

Specific expertise provided includes:

  • Strategic guidance
  • Consultation
  • Preparation of applications for discharges, takes and land use activities
  • Assessment of environmental effects
  • Responding to council information requests (s92)
  • Preparation of expert evidence.

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